Bugs & Fixes in Acer Aspire Laptops While Dual Booting or Fresh Installation of Windows In SSD. [MBR & GPT | UEFI & Legacy Mode]

You are currently viewing Bugs & Fixes in Acer Aspire Laptops While Dual Booting or Fresh Installation of Windows In SSD. [MBR & GPT | UEFI & Legacy Mode]
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Hey Geeks! I am your Tech mate. So you have watched a lot of videos on YouTube and read lots of articles on dual-booting etc. But wait, have you ever come in a situation where spending hours that you don’t find the solution. Wipe away your sweats as you have come to the right place for the solution.

I am especially focused on the Acer laptop because I have done dual boot multiple times on different PCs and laptops but this one was something different.

Before proceeding further let’s understand the basics of BIOS which further helps us in the successful installation of windows.

At first we make bootable USB drive or pendrive by using Rufus software(It is always recommended).

Here in Rufus, you come across two terms MBR and GPT. How to know which one to use. For this, you have to understand the bios properties of your laptop.

  • Some laptops have both UEFI and Legacy mode enabled. It allows user to choose any partition either MBR or GPT.
  • Some laptops have both modes but they are not enabled or they are locked. For that, they have to enter the BIOS and change the settings. After that, they can choose any partition.
  • Some laptops have only UEFI mode enabled and legacy mode is locked. So for that only GPT partition is allowed. It is the case of the Acer Aspire series laptop.


How to Know which one has UEFI Or Which has both LEGACY And UEFI.

For this, you have to go to BIOS and then go to the boot menu/tab. There you will find the boot mode option and you will find UEFI or Legacy mode. If UEFI is locked then you have to choose GPT for bootable Pendrive.

In Acer Laptop initally at first time by default everything is locked and we have to change the following general settings.

1. We should enable F12 boot menu in bios.

2. Disable secure boot. If this is not changing then try setting a new supervisor password in security tab of bios and then disable secure boot. Disabling secure boot can also clear the problem of not showing an externally connected device.

3.Changing Boot priority order in boot tab. It means before installing windows from bootable pendrive we have to know which device you are booting with. So set the priority accordingly.

After doing all,try booting windows. Hope you will never face any problem.

After successful installation, if this happens that an error named 0cx00000e occurs they can check this Link.

Thanks for the patience for reading out this article. Please give us feedback for our improvement.

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