Why I Switched Chrome Browser To Firefox And You Should Too!
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Chrome is a great browser but for privacy and more features, Firefox is great, How? Let me explain… today we are going to discuss features of Firefox.

Internet is a great place to search, learn, or explore any topics but it is unsafe at the same time, and using an old and outdated browser might lead to a more unsafe online experience.

Hackers may install malware or unwanted harmful software that we don’t want to happen to you, that is why you must use some of the best browsers out there.

Browser Stats

I know Chrome is an almost perfect browser from every aspect (market share is 65%) but there are a few solid reasons on which you must take a look –

  • Google always tracks you
  • Its memory consumption is unexplainable
  • No extension is not supported on Mobile devices
  • Limited customizations and options.

And I am not saying that Firefox is perfect for everyone, No it may be UI, Design, or anything which you don’t like but for Privacy and Security, it is at the front foot.

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Let’s Install Firefox first on your Devices then we will discuss how it is better than Chrome.

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Installing Firefox

For PC 

Step 1: Visit the Firefox official website and download the installer of the Firefox browser.

firefox installing on pc

Step 2: Open the installer and it will install the Firefox browser on your system.

For Android

For Android or iOS users, it is available for Free to Download and Install.

Firefox Features

Let’s talk about its best features which are impressive as compared to another browser:

Extensions and Add-ons

The most and best feature of Firefox is its ability to add an extension for almost everything from customization to privacy.

The best part is that you can use the most useful extension on your phone browser too, it means Now you can use adblocker on your phone!

For PC users, there’s Adblocker which works flawlessly good.

By Add-on you can customize your browser for your preference, many themes are available to install with one click.

Browse Theme

Sync Between Devices

In Firefox, you can sync your Tab from your phone/another device to your PC very easily or vice-versa, Just share any link and choose your devices which you want to send.

Note – For using Sync features you have to create an account.

Better Privacy & Security

Firefox Privacy

As we all know Google always tracks its user either from a browser or phone and treats them like a product to sell advertisements.

But you can easily bypass these traps by using firefox and different search engine which is focused on privacy and security like Duckduckgo.

There are thousands of developers always keep updating firefox from a security view due to open-source software.

It also prevents auto-install anything on your devices or simply when you visit any website it will ask for your permission.

But in Google Chrome, we have noticed some permissions are automatically allowed for Google Apps and some websites too which feels like robbers in my house.

It also provides a password manager if you want to use it, But I will suggest you use some other password manager like Lastpass, Dashlane, etc.

Less Memory Consumption

We all know that Chrome has a very bad reputation in Memory management and those having less memory on their system feel some performance issues.

In a Test video, Linus showed that Chrome can consume up to 2TB RAM which is crazy!

You can see yourself the memory usage of some popular Web Browser here –

Ram usage

Chrome vs Firefox

Privacy & Security 

Firefox Security And Privacy Compared

As I said earlier Firefox provides more privacy and security than not only Chrome but also some famous browser.


Utility Compared Table with firefox

Utility means features that may be different for your usage but it offers almost everything for being a browser.


Portability Compared with other browser

I know that some browser is specific for their eco-system but you can install and use another browser on the side. Now you can also change the default browser in iOS 14!

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Final Thoughts

Switching to Firefox is very easy because it supports many shortcut and features as same as Chrome –

  • Ctrl+T – For New Tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+T – For previous closed Tab
  • Ctrl+Tab – For Move Around Tab
  • Ctrl+W – For closing a Tab
  • Ctrl+F – Find anything on the webpage.

For Phone, you have to just replace the icon of Chrome with Firefox and your muscle memory does everything rests for you!

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