How To Compress Video With Handbrake
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We have limited storage on our phone or PC unless you are paying for a good NAS Server, so due to the limited storage why not compress some videos file to save some space!

That’s Good Idea but How you can do it ?

This is very simple, we are going to use Handbrake Software for compressing our videos without loosing quality.

There are two type of compression – Lossy and Lossless.

In Lossless there is no quality loss and in Lossy loose some data to save space, Infact you can revert back from Lossless to its original quality!

Now First of all download The Handbrake Software from its Official Site or Fosshub/Cnet

After the installation of Handbrake open it and then you will see a interface like this where you can import a video file or a whole folder.

Here I am going to select a video, Select Your Video File and it will be imported in Handbrake.

It may take some time depending on the size of Video File.

After Importing the Video File you will see a lot of settings and parameters so don’t bother about it.

Just Click on the Preset and select “Very Fast 1080p30” or you can select on your own choice like 720p or 480p.

In Summary Tab you can choose the format of video and see the preview.

In Dimensions Tab you can adjust the size of Video and also crop it .

In Filters Tab you can add some basic filter like denoise or you can add sharpness to the Video or you can grayscale the whole video!

Video Tab is one of the most important settings here, You can set the output quality of video.

If you want to little compress then choose slow at Constant Quality and if you don’t worry about quality then go ahead with VeryFast or you can leave it as it is.

By default it is set to 24 but you can adjust it on your own uses.

In Audio Tab you can down the Bitrate of Audio which will reduce the file size of Video.

If there is any Subtitles in your video then you can adjust it from the Subtitles Tab.

You can also adjust the chapters in the Chapters Tab.

Chapters markers are features in DVDs and Bluray so that user can quickly jump to the section they want.

At Bottom You can set the output path.

When you are done with your settings just click on the Start Encode.

It will take some time to encode, depending on the CPU, size of video and compression level.

You can also compress videos in the Microsoft Powerpoint.

To do that follow this simple steps :

Step 1 : Open Powerpoint and which contains Video File

Step 2 : Go to the File Tab, Click on Info and then Media Size and Performance section, select Compress Media

Step 3: You can select the output quality like Presentation Quality (Best), Internet Quality (Medium) and Low Quality.

All the embedded subtitles and other audio file will be deleted from this process.

If you have any type of doubts then ask it in the comment section.

Oh BTW I saved 486MB !

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