How To Convert WebP to PNG In An Easy Way!
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Hey Geeky, Have you tried to change the format of one file to another format like converting WebP to PNG, sometimes it is like not less than pain!

Today I am going to show you that how easily you can convert any file format to your desired or required format.

So Let’s Dive in…

First of all we have two methods to completenig the same task – Offline and Online.

Depending on circumstances and situation you can use any of thm and they work fine.

Let’s talk about offline method first –

Convert WebP to PNG by Format Factory

Format factory is pretty solid software for converting any type of file format to another file format.

Let me show you how you can easily convert your WebP file to PNG.

Install Format Factory on your PC and then open it.

Select the output file format and then choose the file you want to convert and hit on the start Button at top.

Choose the output format and then select your file like webp to png
Choose The Output Format and then select your file
hit on start button
Hit On start button

You can also customize the output quality of your file and this tool support batch process so that you can save your time!

Another method we have is online

Convert WebP to PNG via Online

Open your favorite browser (mine is Firefox) and go to Ezgif website.

You can upload or paste the url of an image to convert .

Simply choose your file and upload it.

Upload your file

Now Convert it to PNG

Convert to png

It is so simple right.

Another way to use this website is you can use your image url –

Just put your image url at the last of this url –

Side Note – You can convert any type of file format in format factory like video,audio,image etc. and on ezgif you can also convert any type of image format into another.

I hope this will help you a lot, bacuse webp file format is recently being used on the Internet and it is not supported by normal photo viewer.

You can just convert it another format like png or jpeg so that you can use anywhere.

Now you may ask that is this is the only website for conversion?

Answer is No, You can try any online website but I found that this website is very easy to use and very straightforward to what it’s say.

Let us know some another website like this in the comment section.

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