How To Make A Bootable Pendrive In Just 3 Clicks
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If you are installing a new OS or doing dual boot you need a Bootable Pendrive and sometimes it sounds more technical but it is very easy to do.

I can easily remember when a local shop vendor charges me around $5 to make a bootable Pendrive but back then I don’t know how to do it!

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For making a bootable Pendrive I think Rufus is the best software and of course, there is plenty of other software that will work the same but its interface is my weakness!

Let’s Install RUFUS…

Downloading and Installing RUFUS

Step 1: Visit the official website of Rufus and download the required software for your system.

Step 2: Just double-click on the installer and the program will be installed, very simple Right?

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Now we have to make a Pendrive bootable…

Make a Bootable Pendrive

Note:- Insert Your Pendrive (at least 8GB in size)

Step 1: Open Rufus software which you have installed just a moment ago.

Step 2: Choose your desired Pendrive and ISO image (if you have installed more than one Pendrive on your system)

Step 3: After choosing the ISO image check the partition MBR or GPT as you wish.

make a bootable pendrive using rufus

Step 4: Click on Start and wait for the copying file.

Now you have created bootable Pendrive if you want any type of help or want to give any suggestion then type in the comment below.

There is plenty of other software by which you can create a bootable Pendrive but in my experience, RUFUS is the simplest one!

Final Thoughts

As I said there are many softwares which you can try – Winsetup, PowerISO, etc. but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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