How To Save WhatsApp Status Without Any Third Party App
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Tell me last time when you want to save Whatsapp Status of your friend or someone special (I am not judging you) and you don’t know how to save them on your local storage.

You tried here and there some few tutorials but it doesn’t work and if you are using any 3rd party app for saving Whatsapp Status then I don’t recommend it.

The problem with Whatsapp Status is it disappeared in 24hr and you will won’t able to watch it again.

Solution: Save the WhatsApp status on your local internal storage beside from WhatsApp so that you can access it whenever you want.

Here are the two things you will need to save a whatsapp status –

  • File Manager (It is already installed on your phone)
  • Little patience!

So let’s gooo…

Step 1 : Open Your Whatsapp and watch the status which you want to save (Whatsapp will download the video/Image file on your device)

Step 2 : Now we have to Just copy this file from the hidden folder to our own preferred folder.

Step 3 : Open your File Manager and in settings choose “Show Hidden Files”

Show Hidden Files

Step 4 : Now go to the Whatsapp folder >Media>.statuses

Whatsapp Folder >>Media >> .statuses

Note: Make sure you have enabled “Show hidden files” otherwise you won’t be able to see this .statuses folder if your file manager does not have this setting you can use MI File Manager.

Step 5: That’s it now you have to just copy the status from here and save it to another folder other than Whatsapp Folder.

Pro Tip: If you don’t want to know him/her that you have seen their status then TURN OFF Read Receipts in Privacy Settings of WhatsApp.

For MIUI User / MI File Explorer

For MIUI user or those who are using MI File Explorer, they have included this feature by default to save the WhatsApp status.

You have to just follow the guide given below.

Open Your File Explorer and then you will see a WhatsApp Icon, click on it and go to Cache Folder where all of your statuses are cached.

Just click on Download Icon and it will saved on another folder which you can access by

File Explorer (Folder)>>Statuses

So easy Right?

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