How to Set Live Wallpaper in Windows 10!

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Hey Geeks, Today in this post we will learn how you can set live wallpaper in windows in just 2 minute.

Live Wallpapers are attractive and give life to your display which looks cool and the best part is you can use any Video, GIF or YouTube video as the wallpaper on your PC.

Lets jump in…

First, we have to download Lively Wallpaper from the Official Link.

Now all we have to do is Install the software and open Lively Wallpaper.

Lively Interface

Now you can add Your own Video, GIF, Picture or even YouTube Video as wallpaper.

For That simply click on the + icon and you can add any file you want.

I will simply skip this and use a default wallpaper provided by Lively 😂

And here is How it looks finally.

If you have any query let us know in the comment section.

We have Video on Lively Wallpaper as well.

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