How To Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus In Just 2 Clicks!

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Whenever we talk of an Antivirus, we get Windows Defender or Windows Security as our primary Antivirus by default in our Windows PC.

This lightweight Antivirus works fine for most of our day to day life security.

However, we need to Disable this software for our needs such as installing a few software. So, we need to turn them off quite often.

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Here is a quick guide to Temporarily Disable Your Antivirus:

On most Third-Party Antiviruses, you just need to right-click on the Antivirus icon and click on Disable and so on…

Just like this…


On the taskbar, Go to your antivirus, Right-click on it


Click on Disable Virus Protection or similar option

Disable Your Antivirus for a required time duration, then enable it later

You can also find a similar option while opening the dashboard of your antivirus.


If You have Windows Defender/Security:

Disable Windows Defender 1
Disable Windows Defender 2

Go to Taskbar, right-click on Windows Defender/Security

Click on View Security Dashboard

Disable Windows Defender 3

Click on Virus & threat protection

Disable Windows Defender 4

Click on Manage Settings

Disable Windows Defender 5
Disable Windows Defender 6

Click on the toggle button from on to off

Finally, your Antivirus is disabled!

Here is the official guide for turning off Windows Defender

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Final Thoughts

As said earlier, make sure to turn it on later to stay protected.

You will find similar options if you have other software.

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