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When we talk about online privacy then the first thing that comes in our mind is VPN as it is the first step towards a safer internet.

So, if you were looking for The Best Fast Free VPN, well, you have landed at the right place.

Before we proceed, Let’s discuss This Amazing VPN:

Here are the criteria for our Best Fast Free VPN:

  • Show minimum or No Ads
  • No Data Transfer Limit
  • Availability of 3 Servers At Least
  • Fair Privacy Policy
  • VPN Client Available On Windows PC, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Linux

I think this is the minimum requirement for our Best Fast Free VPN, Right?


Any product or service is never perfectly created, so ya it has some cons which we will discuss later in this post.

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What is VPN and why you should use it?

First, Let’s talk about what is VPN and why you should worry about this.

In short, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which encrypts your data and sends it through a private tunnel or network rather than the public one.

So now you may ask what is the benefit of this “Private Network”, It’s numerous, some major points are:

  • Better Online Security
  • By Pass Restriction
  • Online Anonymity
  • Remote Control

This infographic shows how a VPN protects you during your online activity.


You may ask that How actually VPN works?

Here is a very simple video that explains this topic in a very well manner.

So if you are concerned about your privacy and online safety then you should use VPN right now.

And The Best Fast Free VPN is Proton VPN!

Yes, this is the VPN service that fills our criteria without showing a single ad and spending a single penny.

I am using it for 1 year (for Free!) and it works perfectly, Let’s know how to install it on your device.

Now I am going to show you how to install Proton VPN on your Device for FREE and in an easy way (actually process is itself easy!)

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Install On Any Device Quickly

This is very simple, you have to create an account on Proton VPN and just Download the VPN Client for your needs, let me show you how:

Step 1: Visit Proton VPN Sign UP Page and choose your plan, here I am choosing “Free”

ProtonVPN Account Sign UP Page

Step 2: Click On Get Free and create your account after filling an Email address and password.

After creating your account visit the Download Page or you can Download VPN Client within your account dashboard.

ProtonVPN Download within dashboard

So Simple, Right?

Now, I am sure in this way you can download and setup Proton VPN on your device very easily.

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What makes it the Best Fast Free VPN

Swiss Base VPN Company – As you know Swiss law takes privacy very seriously so don’t worry about your DNS or WebRTC leak. In fact, they have a strong policy of No Leaks, No Logs.

Good speed – For Free VPN, I can accept speed offered by this VPN, You can see yourself below.

ProtonVPN Internet Speed Test

No Ads – Best Part of this Proton VPN is you are not going to watch any annoying advertisement.


No P2P Support – Sadly, But it doesn’t support P2P (peer to peer) file transfer in the Free version.

Only 3 Countries – There are only 3 countries(USA, Netherland, and Japan) servers are available for Free Users.

No Official Support – There is no any kind of support (like Email) for FREE Users.

Tip: I always use the USA Server which works decently for me.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned about VPN and after reading this article you end up using a Best Fast Free VPN from today and if you were already using it then Congrats!

You are one step ahead of normal online users in terms of Online Safety and Privacy.

If you know a Better VPN service then, please let us know in the comment section which will be very helpful for many readers like you.

Now, You may want to purchase their other plan but I would not recommend you buy a VPN Service from Proton VPN because there are already great alternatives in Paid VPNs.

So, Save your pocket Right and for free VPN it is the Best.

We will be updating this post regularly so Don’t Worry.

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