This Chrome Extension Is Going To Change Your YouTube Experience

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Few months ago I told you about AdBlocker Extension which is extremely helpful to block Google Ad, Trackers and lots of annoying and irritative ads/Popups.

Today I am going to tell you about another chrome extension which is extremely useful to skip the sponsor part of YouTube video.

Yes you heard it right this extension is going to skip the sponsor section from any Video .

AdBlocker + Skip Sponsor Extension = MAGICAL Experience

So first of all we are going to learn about How it works and How you can use it .

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How Skip Sponsor Extension Works

It is based on crowdsourcing and you can submit your sponsor block too.

Whenever you are watching a video and if you see any type of sponsored section in the video then you can mark it.

Then again anyone on the YouTube watching the same video then this extension skip that part which you have marked as sponsor section.

That’s it, so simple.

But it doesn’t work for just by one submission which is obvious.

If you want to learn more then you can read it at the official website.

Let’s learn how you can use it.

How to Install SponsorBlock

You have to just install the sponsorblock chrome extension and you are good to go.

However you can support this system also by submitting your contribution which will save the time of other!

This is how a sponsored section in a video look like –

Sponsored block extension

Final Thoughts

Look I’m not against the YouTube platform infact this is the best platform available right now for any topic to explore and learn more.

And for that YouTube Creators make some money from it which is also obvious.

But I have seen so many channel who are just sponsoring another product in their every video and they talk about almost more than 40 sec or sometime even more.

But this extension is lifesaver for that situation.

And if you want to whitelist any channel you can do it so that you can support your favourite creator.

Finally I can say that Adblocker + SponsorBlock Extension is going to change your YouTube Experience forever.

For Android Device you can use YouTube vanced in which all these features are already present.

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