How To Check Screen Resolution In 1 Min!
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Have you ever curious to know about your device resolution or if you want to check the quality of your screen.

If you are searching for tools which will check the resolution of your device then you are at the right place.

This is a very common and obvious question

You can use Speccy on the computer to find it easily but you have to install it first and for Android, you can use CPU-Z which is few megabytes in size.

Let’s dive in.

First of all if you have PC with you then you can check its resolution right from the settings.

Via Windows Settings

Open Settings on your Windows Computer or you can use Ctrl+I

Go to System Settings and then you can see Scale and Layout option at the right side.

Check Resolution From Windows Settings

You can also change the resolution of your display form here.

Check screen resolution by Speccy

First of all, you have to install a software called Speccy which gives you all the specs of your computer.

Now look for the Graphics headline in the Summary Tab which you have already in if you opening it for first time.

Here you can see the screen resolution of your PC with Refresh Rate, like for me it is 1366*768 with 60Hz which is the most common resolution for Laptop Display.

Check Resolution with Speccy Software

CPU-Z for Android

For android devices you can check resolution by installing CPU-Z app which is available for FREE on Play Store.

After installing CPU-Z, go to the Device Tab and you will see screen resolution and other specs as well.

Website for Checking Resolution

Quickest and fastest method for checking resolution of your device can be a website.

Just Open a website and Voila!

Visit Whatismyscreenresolution or Website Planet.

Unfortunately, these websites don’t work on mobile devices for some reason but for PC it works without any error.

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