5 Best YouTube Vanced Features,Why You Should Install It Now!
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YouTube is great in fact this is the second most popular search engine on the Internet, but there is a catch So I am going to tell you about YouTube Vanced!

You may have heard about it or not but there are so many features that you are missing on YouTube Official App.

Let me explain it…


YouTube Vanced Features

It came with tons of great and necessary features let me explain one by one.

Ad-Free Experience – Just remember when you want to listen to your favourite song on speaker but an ad is suddenly coming up. 

Its biggest feature is ad-free experience, now you can enjoy youtube without watching an advertisement.

Note – This feature is pre-built in this app so you have to do nothing for turn off ads, Sometimes you may see some ads here and there but that is fine.

Support Background Player – Are you music a musicophile and I know YouTube have almost all songs from all genres.

But the worst part on YouTube is you can’t listen to those awesome songs in the background but this app resolves this issue also!

Volume/Brightness Control – I love this feature especially when I watch content on YouTube because swiping on-screen is handier than pressing the Volume button.

Swipe Controls In YouTube Vanced

For this just open the Vanced settings in-app and turn on this app, I am sure that you are going to love this let me know in the comment section. 

Different Theme – Guess the reaction of your friend when you show the pink colour of YouTube!

Yes, YouTube Vanced is available in so many different colours you can check it out here.

PIP Support – Sometimes PIP (Picture in picture) mode works like a charm, This is most beneficial when you want to watch video on youtube and chat with on Whatsapp at the same time.


Now you may be thinking that just installing this app you will be able to do everything like Official YouTube but Wait…

You can’t log in without installing MicroG App which enables you to log in with google account.

After logging into your account you can do everything as in official youtube apps like downloading videos, liking, subscribing and everything.

To do so just download the MicroG app from the next section and install it on your device or you can download it via Vanced Manager app.

Download Section

You can download directly apk of vanced manager app from its official site and then you can download both apps from there (YouTube vanced and MicroG)

Otherwise, you can just download the apk from below – 

Choose according to your requirement Root or Non-Root and then you can choose different theme, language etc.

If you have any problem with downloading then please comment below.

Final Thoughts

Only cons of this app are you will not get the cloud notification means when a creator uploads a video the subscriber get notified via push notification.

But for push notification, you have to enable GCM and give permission to vanced app which is lengthy and might some of you don’t want to do that.

So if you are satisfied with it then overall it is perfect.

Although I will suggest you to use the official app of YouTube for supporting the creators on YouTube.

Because the process is very simple YouTube shows ads to its audience and then they give money to the creator.

What is your thought on this app and how you are using it or will use let us know in the comment section.

Some of you may be thinking about who develop this app and why am I going to use this modded app.

Yes, your query is absolutely right but this app is developed by XDA Developer and from security view it is fine.

If there is still any doubt in your mind, feel free to ask now and if you are happy with this article then please share it with your friends in need!

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